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How to deal with challenges?

We are here to practice and see our challenges as an opportunity to grow.
This is more easily said than done, don’t you think so?
Especially in these times
where we have plenty of challenges.

Allow, allow, allow

Allow, allow, allow

I admit i often put too much pressure on myself.
So many things, i want to do; study anatomy, practice yoga, 
​cardio training, running, reading, writing, learning guitar, 
following yoga trainings and courses​.
So many things that excite me. 

I have the tendency of putting too much on my plate.
That's why i was heading for a burn-out 5 years ago, 
in my previous job.

This pressure, 
remains​ my biggest challenge now as well, 
​being fully independent,
running my business and teaching yoga full time.

Chata-ouch – Avoiding injuries in chaturanga dandasana

How often do we take a vinyasa during our yoga practice? Most commonly this involves the pose  "chaturanga dandasana". If you are a regular yoga practioner, you will know what kind of animal this is ;-) If you are new to yoga, this is for sure one of the hardest transitions 

When i first started yoga and maybe was overambitious, i got a shoulder injury. I took too many chaturanga’s.  And i definitely did not perform this pose in a correct way. Since i have been training with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medecine, i became a bit of a chaturanga nerd ;-)

How i found my life’s purpose and how you can find yours

5 years ago I was lost, without a mission and a passion.

Now i am a full time yoga teacher with a mission in life.

If we could all love what we do, would we not be happier people?

I wish you to find your passion in life.

I wish you to live your fullest potential.

Here are 10 tips on how you can find your passion.

9 steps to get closer to your dreamlife

9 steps to get closer to your dreamlife

Do you have a dream? 
Are you passionate about a project that makes your heart beat faster? 

Do you allow your mind take over? Do you allow your obstacles to take over? 
"I don’t have the money to do that? I don’t have the knowledge? Who am I to realize that? "
Yes I had the same voice talking to me 5 years ago.

But my question to you is.
How high do you put your dreams? How much do you protect and feed your dream? 
If you put your dreams higher than your obstacles, than even if you have a lot of obstacles you still can see your dreams as they reach over it.

How to keep your back healthy?

I have learned so much in the Spine Module with Yoga Medecine and happy to share some basic insights on how to keep you back safe and healthy.

If you can dream it you can do it

What happens after a yoga holiday is a different story every time, for everyone. I'd like to share my latest adventure with you!

Yoga & Hiking holiday in Magical Ibiza... it started as a dream about a year ago and I can't believe this weekend I said goodbye to an amazing group of yogi's here on the island I dreamed of for so long. However big my dreams were, little did I know Ibiza would bless us all with so much energy, power and, yes, magic!

Don't chase your dreams, catch them

Do you see clearly? Do you see all the chances and opportunities that you have daily? Do you see the abundance of nature? Do you act out of fear? Do you act out of lack rather then abundance? 

Create a life you love?

Join me on my journey and find new inspiration.

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