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A yoga break during the day?

A team event with yoga and a healthy brunch?

An introduction workshop and short presentation on the benefits of yoga + a yoga exploration

Choose for a one time workshop, an online webinar or a series of classes at your company.

Companies I work with: Jan De Nul, Volvo, Double Verify, Rousselot, FTI Consulting

* Optimize your posture, liberate your spine

* The power of the breath

* You can learn to relax

"In our fast-paced world, stress and burnout are common, affecting employee well-being and productivity. Yoga can make a significant difference:

Stress Management: Yoga reduces stress, improving focus and mental well-being.

Increased Energy: Yoga boosts energy levels for enhanced productivity.

Better Sleep: Improved sleep quality leads to more alert and efficient employees.

Physical Health: Yoga promotes better posture, reducing discomfort and sick days.

Employee Satisfaction: It fosters a positive work culture and reduces absenteeism.

Investing in employee well-being through yoga can lead to a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce."

Optimize your posture, liberate your spine.

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See more details

In our modern world, “sitting is called the new smoking”, with consequences that go beyond just back and neck complaints. The majority of the population experiences back pain and neck complaints, largely due to our (unhealthy) sitting posture. But do you know that this posture also affects our breathing capacity and our mood?

Neem het stuur van je gezondheid in eigen handen en leer simpele technieken om stress en spanning los te laten. Met deze webinar/workshop krijg je technieken die je zal helpen beter te slapen, sneller te herstellen van een work-out of een stressvolle dag. 

Introduction workshop yoga

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See more details

Exploring the Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace 

Understanding the "why" behind yoga is the key to finding the motivation to step onto the mat.

During this workshop, we start with a brief presentation, followed by an invigorating yoga session to experience its effects firsthand

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