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Do you want to feel stronger, more flexible, more energized and empowered? Are you yearning for inner peace?  Longing for a new source of inspiration? Do you want to overcome your fears? Then join Yoganic Moves yoga classes that will help you MOVE forward. Day by day.

What yoga means for me:

"For me, yoga is about finding balance in life. It's about growth and connecting to my inner self. Moving forward step by step, accepting what life throws at me and dealing with every obstacle on my path. It's about strengthening my body and training my mind, about broadening awareness. It’s a state of mind and a way of living."

Deepen your practice - last 3 classes of this year!

15 Dec 2021
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Our place to be is the Sportsbar in Gent, CUP 

Join me for the last 3 classes of this year on Wednesday 24th November, 1 and 15 December 


Do you want to become your OWN BEST FRIEND?

“Imagine if rather than criticizing ourselves we spent that same amount of time offering ourselves loving acceptance. Who would we be then?”

The biggest gift you can give yourself is self-love. All starts with this, with trust, belief in yourself, in your power, with acceptance, …

This feel good package is a gift for yourself and contains 6 short classes between 15 and 40 min ,1 long yin class of 60 minutes and 1 long vinyasa class. I purposely chose to keep most of the classes short, so you can integrate these into your day. Classes are in DUTCH.

Want to practice online with me?

I have created an online academy with a collection from yin to vinyasa to yoga work-outs, more than 40 classes at this moment.

Want to try this out? 

Go to the menu and choose for "online academy" and have a FREE visit.

online class - yin, myofascia, restorative - Monday 20H30-21h30

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See more details

This class is the best gift for you if your body feels tired and stressed out. Classes are online so you can practice from the comfort of your home. This will prepare you for a good night sleep.

yin yoga - 20H30-21h30

Create a life you love?

Join me on my journey and find new inspiration.

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