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Yoganic holidays

Yoganic Moves creates yoga-inspired retreats and holidays all over the world.

Each holiday is designed with passion and with great attention for detail.  We combine yoga with plenty of other activities such as sports, adventure, culture and coaching.

Are you ready to:

Explore yourself deeply?

Visit off the beaten track destinations?

Absorb beautiful landscapes?

Share breathtaking adventures?

Stay at extraordinary resorts and eco lodges?

Eat healthy and locally sourced food?

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, we welcome you to join us and to (re-)establish a deep connection with your inner self through nature, meditation, yoga and adventure.

Yoganic Moves will move you!

(Re)Treat yourself - A week JUST for YOU!

02 Sep 2023
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See more details

Find the path to self-love

The biggest gift you can give yourself is time with yourself!

Take this week to slow down, to step out of your busy life and grant yourself time and space to land into your body, to unfold, to nourish yourself, to connect to your heart and soul, to let go of protective layers, to find peace and safety within and to become your own best friend. 

Breathwork, healthy yoga moves, meditation, sharing circles, self-love massage and tapping, … are the ingredients and tools we are offering during this retreat. There is plenty of space during the day to do what you love; relax by the pool, read a book, go for a hike, enjoy the day at the beach or take part in other optional activities like a sailing trip, SUP tour, ...

Our stay will be a privately owned luxury bed and breakfast, a beautiful gem overlooking the ocean.

This will be an intimate retreat for women only (limited to 7 participants). If you feel that this week is calling you, don't wait to sign up.

Create a life you love?

Join me on my journey and find new inspiration.

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Have a beautiful day!

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